Innovation in education

COVID-19 response

At Cox, we are committed to keeping our customers and our communities connected through the Coronavirus pandemic.

At this time, we have suspended our Innovation in Education grant process until schools return to normal operations. Cox Charities classroom grants were established to find creative ways to assist teachers in the classroom. As current school closures have inspired the need to find unique ways for delivering online learning, we know that classroom needs will continue to evolve. 

We will resume the process of grant determination when we have a better understanding of the educational environment in the coming months and beyond.


Thank you for your dedication to providing your students a unique and innovative learning environment. The employees at Cox are thinking of you during this unprecedented time.

Innovation in education

Cox Charities is committed to helping children achieve their full potential in the classroom. Innovation in Education grants support technology, programs and curriculum that promote students' academic success and enhance

the educational experience.

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